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Income Share Agreements

Though higher education has never been more critical for mobility and prosperity, the cost of attending college has never been greater. Student debt is an unmanageable problem for millions of Americans.  Income Share Agreements (ISAs) offer a progressive alternative to the risks and burdens of student debt, opening up new pathways of opportunity for students of all backgrounds. 


Basic Income

In an era of widening inequality, legacy social safety net programs are inadequate. Our society has the resources to raise the standard of living for all people, and the responsibility to find the most just and efficient means.  Basic income is a promising option, and the Jain Family Institute takes a broadly collaborative approach to providing current and reliable evidence that can help shape this conversation.


Digital Ethics

Powerful advances in machine learning over the past decade have brought with them explosive growth in the use of computational decision-making tools. Yet these tools, which have direct impact on millions of lives, are often opaque and impossible to hold to account. As algorithmic decision-making systems become increasingly ubiquitous, and our reliance upon them increasingly widespread, JFI is working to develop an understanding of how fairness, justice, and value considerations apply to these tools.