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Project Lead: Universal Income

New York // Full Time // Project Lead


JFI is seeking a project lead to join our research initiative on Basic Income. The project lead will work with team of core staff and research fellows who are conducting in-depth research, designing pilots, and working with external partners across the US towards developing an evidence-based framework for evaluating and testing basic income and related policies.

The ideal candidate has project management experience in the nonprofit, consulting, or public sectors, and an interest and skills in research design, implementation, and management.

JFI is an applied social science research organization. Our work investigates and influences the structural forces of society. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with industry, government, and academia to pilot scalable, high-impact interventions.

Those interested should send the following to

  • A letter of interest

  • A CV with contact information

  • A writing sample of 10–15 pages

  • A presentation or lecture

Selected candidates will be invited to an in-person interview in our Manhattan office in December, 2018 or January.


The basic income project lead will join a small team of practitioners with backgrounds in economics, public policy, data science and behavioral science. The project lead will work closely with JFI’s Lead Researcher and Project Director on all dimensions of our basic income work, including grant coordination and writing, research advising, partnerships, publications, and communications.

Tasks will include:

  • Coordinating the JFI Basic Income team’s internal meetings and research projects

  • Managing external engagements, partnership development, and prospect tracking

  • Contributing to strategic project development

  • Understanding and communicating design and evaluation processes in experimental pilot design

  • Writing and publishing brief updates and/or perspective pieces relevant to this project

  • Discussing aspects of this project with specialists in other disciplines in consultation with relevant fellows and experts

  • Contributing to research


  • Full-time

  • Extensive travel

  • Confidentiality: as needed



  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong aptitude for project management

  • Close familiarity and/or experience with Development practice and research design as well as Econometrics, public policy, statistics and development economics

  • Ability to skillfully navigate engagements with a diverse array of stakeholders

  • High degree of comfort with social science research (assessing, interrogating, cultivating)

  • A love of rigorous research and reasoned debate


  • A graduate degree in development, economics, public administration, or public policy

  • Background in social sector consulting, development practice or public policy,

  • Experience with academic or applied research (assistantships, think tanks and the like)

  • Compensation will be commensurate with experience

  • Full benefits, including healthcare, dental, vision, and wellness, 3 weeks paid vacation

  • Opportunities to meet with leading scholars, policy experts, and business leaders


The Jain Family Institute is a research incubator that builds promising ideas into real-world pilots. Our work investigates and influences the structural forces that affect the way people live, work, and learn. Our team collaborates with industry, government, and academia to pilot scalable, high-impact interventions.

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