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Statistics Research Fellow

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The Jain Family Institute (JFI) is seeking a PhD candidate or a masters graduate with a strong background in statistical inference, sampling, probability and computational statistics as a Research Fellow. This researcher will support our work exploring alternative forms of higher education financing and the effects of basic income policies.

JFI is a pioneer in the effort to build the market for Income Share Agreements (ISAs)—an innovative alternative to the risks and burdens of student debt—opening up new pathways of opportunity for students and creating novel incentive structures for funders and education providers. JFI has successfully constructed large-scale ISA pilots at Purdue University and with national college success programs. This work has yielded a sophisticated understanding of ISA mechanics, and an unprecedented opportunity to use advanced computing power to run predictive simulations that anticipate student outcomes.

The research team at JFI is also examining the effects of Universal Basic Income as a policy alternative to improve economic, social and psychological wellbeing. JFI is developing experimental pilot designs to examine the effects of an unconditional cash transfer on consumption, labor, social interactions and wellbeing for city governments in the United States.

JFI seeks a research fellow in statistics to lead the work in the sampling techniques used to estimate the economic outcomes of students, the performance of individual academic programs, and the impact of macroeconomic forces on student outcomes, to support our academic publishing project on the returns to higher education and inform how we structure higher education financing. The Research Fellow will also support the team in the experimental sampling design for the Basic Income initiative. The research fellow will join a small team of researchers in computational mathematics and economics. The fellow will work closely with JFI’s Director of Research and JFI’s Lead Researcher for the Income Share Agreements and Basic Income initiatives.

Send all application material to

  • A letter of interest

  • A CV with contact information

  • A writing or project sample

The preferred due date is January 10th, after which we will accept applications on a rolling basis. Selected candidates will be invited to an in-person interview and test in our Manhattan office in January.


Time commitment: approximately 20 hours per week

Attendance: one to two times weekly, at meetings in our SoHo office

The fellow's tasks will include:

  • Reviewing and leading the sampling techniques used for future income projections

  • Refining current projection models

  • Developing quantitative models for the dependency of projections on economic conditions

  • Identifying and utilizing existing economic datasets for validation

  • Developing sampling models and subsequent analysis for basic income pilots


  • Expertise in probability and statistics, including adaptive sampling, cluster sampling and multistage designs

  • Knowledge of techniques in numerical computing, mathematical modeling, and optimization

  • Experience with Bayesian methods and inference, including MCMC

  • Familiarity with computational application of statistical methods

  • An interest in applications in social policy interventions

  • Graduate work in probability and statistics, including experience with hierarchical modeling theory and implementation

  • Strong working knowledge of experimental design and multistage, cluster and adaptive sampling techniques

  • Knowledge of numerical computing and optimization techniques, and strong skill with use of Python, STATA and/or R for data analysis

  • Work experience as a research assistant or comparable positions

  • A stipend of $15,000, paid in semi-monthly installments of $1,250

  • The possibility of coauthoring research papers or publishing whitepapers

  • Opportunities to meet with leading scholars and policy experts


The Jain Family Institute is a new think tank founded by Bob Jain. We research and act on the interdependencies of society's critical systems and institutions in order to have the highest-leverage effect. Our work focuses on economics, politics, academia, information technology, finance, and culture.


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