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Digital Ethics Research Fellow

Oral History, Journalism

New York // Part Time // Research 


The Jain Family Institute is seeking a graduate research fellow in oral history or journalism to support our work in public sector applications of algorithmic decision systems. The ideal candidate is a late-stage master’s student or PhD candidate in history or journalism, with an interest in the development of standards and procedures for the use of algorithmic decision systems. You will be assisting with conducting and memorializing interviews with community members, advocates, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders, as we research and develop best practices for public and private sector creation, use, and oversight of automated decision systems.

JFI is an applied social science research organization. Our work investigates and influences the structural forces of society. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with industry, government, and academia to pilot scalable, high-impact interventions.

The fellowship carries a stipend of $15,000 for approximately 20–25 hours of work per week over six months. Those interested should send a CV or résumé with contact information, a letter of interest, and an overview of previous projects, to 

The preferred due date is July 10th, after which we will accept applications on a rolling basis.


The research fellow will join a small team of practitioners with backgrounds in normative ethics, economics, decision theory, public policy, data science, education policy, finance, and philosophy and will work closely with JFI’s Director of Research to conduct and publish research relevant to our public-sector ADS research. 

The fellow's tasks will include:

  • reviewing and aggregating literature relevant to the topic
  • interviewing experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital ethics, information policy and law, advocates and civil rights groups, among others.
  • writing and publishing brief updates and/or perspective pieces relevant to this project
  • discussing aspects of this project with specialists in other disciplines

The fellowship carries a stipend of $15,000 for a commitment of approximately 25 hours per week over six months; dependent upon success of the project, this may be extended a further six months. Those interested should send:

Selected candidates will be invited to an in-person interview in our Manhattan office in early July.




  • Strong background in history or journalism
  • Extensive experience conducting and documenting interviews with a wide variety of subjects
  • Excellent writing and qualitative research skills
  • A love of rigorous research and reasoned debate


  • Some background in normative ethics, political philosophy or public policy
  • Focus in history of technology, or technology journalism
  • Demonstrated experience as research assistant or comparable experience in applied research

  • Time: approximately 20-25 hours a week
  • Attendance: two to three times weekly at research meetings and presentations at our Manhattan office
  • Confidentiality: as needed


  • A six-month stipend of $15,000, paid in monthly installments of $2,500
  • The possibility of coauthoring research papers or publishing whitepapers through JFI
  • Opportunities to meet with leading scholars, policy experts, and business leaders


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