Software Engineer

The Jain Family Institute is seeking a software engineer or designer to lead early-stage development of a suite of software policy simulation and modeling tools based upon new and existing techniques in economics, sociology, and other fields. These tools will facilitate rich exploration of policy design spaces by providing a graphical user interface for specifying policies, managing source data, applying pluggable models of the underlying spaces (such as DSGE and HANK models for monetary and fiscal policy), and producing visualizations.

As this is an early-stage project, the position will require flexibility, judgment, and a wide range of skills and responsibilities, including design work, programming, and project management. As the product develops, the position will also involve team-building decisions and coordination. This is an exciting opportunity for engineers and developers looking to apply their skills to pressing social problems, in an exciting intellectual climate, with an unusual level of discretion over the future of our work. This engineer will work closely with JFI’s Chief Research Officer throughout the project. They will join a team of 15 full-time staff and report directly to the CRO.

Preferred deadline: August 16

Find full details about the job and how to apply here.