Rodrigo Ochigame

Rodrigo Ochigame at the Jain Family Institute

Rodrigo Ochigame, an MIT PhD candidate in History, Anthropology, Science, Technology, and Society, came to JFI for a lively presentation on his interdisciplinary research, which reconsiders traditional models of logic, drawing on the history of paraconsistent and non-Aristotelian traditions like that of N Da Costa.

Ochigame also discussed his critique of algorithmic fairness, as it relates to utilitarian notions of efficiency and optimization. He noted: “My hopes are not for a new model, or a new bureaucratic language which equally reduces these complex dynamics.”

Finally, Ochigame discussed his ongoing projects, including the construction of alternative search engines and efforts to build models of participatory democracy in Brazil. A fantastic New Left Review piece he co-wrote with James Holston integrates these themes by exploring the role of algorithms in shaping Brazilian social movements for land.