Homeownership and the Student Debt Crisis: Latest research from the Millennial Student Debt project

The eighth report in JFI’s student debt project, the research explores links between rising student debt and declining homeownership over the past decade

New Research in Millennial Student Debt: How Schools Lie

In “How Schools Lie: The Deceptive Financial Aid System at America’s Colleges,”
JFI researchers explore how higher education institutions mislead students by understating true costs and overstating aid

Declining Access, Rising Cost: The Geography of Higher Education Post-2008

A new report on the Phenomenal World and interactive map displaying the price of college throughout the US

Working Paper: "UBI & the City"

JFI-supported research by Jack Favilukis, Khalil Esmkhani, and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh is the first attempt to model UBI at a city-level, in New York City, and finds positive welfare impacts.

Blog: The Geography of Higher Education Access

Preliminary results from JFI’s ongoing study of access to higher education in the US.

A new website on algorithmic decision-making systems in New York

The site is a Harvard Kennedy School capstone project created in partnership with JFI

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