Cost Deception at Elite Private Colleges

Following Millennial Student Debt Part 7, “How Schools Lie: The Deceptive Financial Aid System at America’s Colleges,” Laura Beamer and Eduard Nilaj scrutinize deceptive practices at top-ranked schools

Rules, Accountability, and the Student Debt Crisis - New report from Laura Beamer

The paper explores the cross-section of the student debt crisis and key accountability measures under discussion in the Dept. of Ed’s ongoing negotiated rulemaking process, synthesizing data on the student loan portfolio, institutional diversity, borrowing and repayment metrics

HudsonUP Basic Income Pilot releases year one report; Fast Company coverage

JFI Senior Fellow Leah Hamilton presents early results of the five-year basic income pilot in Hudson, NY with effects on wellbeing, relationships, employment

Report: DREAMers' perceptions of ISAs

Results from focus groups on higher education financing

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