Report: DREAMers' perceptions of ISAs

Our team of qualitative researchers conducted two focus group discussions in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI with undocumented students to gauge their perceptions of Income Share Agreements (ISAs) as a tool to finance their college education. The focus group in Chicago (May 29, 2018) was organized for JFI by three college success organizations (and Better Future Forward partners): Bottom Line, College Possible, and One Goal. All participating students were DREAMers currently enrolled in college. The focus group in Milwaukee (May 30, 2018) was organized for JFI by College Possible, and the participating students were high school seniors. The group in Milwaukee had both low-income American citizens and DREAMers. The focus groups covered aspects of paying for college, student perceptions of student loans versus ISAs, and overall perceptions and opinions of an ISA program for DREAMers.

View the report here.