HudsonUP Basic Income Pilot releases year two report

JFI today releases the second year’s report from the HudsonUP Basic Income Pilot, from Principal Investigator and Senior Fellow Leah Hamilton.

New Student Debt Report Compares Debtor Makeup to Narratives on Debt Cancellation

The tenth installment in the ongoing Millennial Student Debt project, Laura Beamer’s newest report combines three datasets to analyze debt burdens and repayment across class, income, race, gender and degree type.

Research Brief: Migration and Housing Inflation, by Paul Williams

How rents impacted pandemic migrations, and migrations shape rent growth

The Right Way to Cancel Student Debt

A collaboration between JFI and Debt Collective, the issue brief makes a data-driven case for universal, automatic, and generous debt cancellation

A New Public Housing Model -- Addis Ababa’s Urban Transformation

The first report from JFI’s Social Wealth Portfolio

The Expanded Child Tax Credit and Parental Employment: Tenuous Evidence Points to Work Disincentives

Some academics and policymakers argue that the expanded Child Tax Credit will disincentive work; this report points out the weak evidence base for parents quitting work

Homeownership and the Student Debt Crisis: Latest research from the Millennial Student Debt project

The eighth report in JFI’s student debt project, the research explores links between rising student debt and declining homeownership over the past decade

Memo: Cost Simulations of a Fully-Refundable Child Tax Credit (CTC) 2022-2031

Jack Landry and Stephen Nuñez publish ten-year CTC full refundability estimates, illustrating compromise proposals that retain CTC poverty impacts with space for other social programs

In Politico: JFI Fellow Paul Williams, Cea Weaver on federal housing policy

The op-ed presents the case for reconciliation package funds to address a national housing crisis

Opportunity in Crisis: New Polling on Public Opinion Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The first of three polling briefs, “Opportunity in Crisis” is part of JFI’s Messaging Guaranteed Income project

New Research: Claudia Sahm assesses the effects of $1,400 stimulus checks

Sahm’s new brief is “They Worked: The effects of $1,400 stimulus checks on families and the economy”

Marshall Steinbaum publishes new student debt research; Brookings event

The latest research in JFI’s series on student debt

Paul Williams and James Medlock write on paternalism, market failures, and welfare policy in the US

A new position post in JFI’s “From Idea to Reality” series

Friederike Schuur on Data Networks for UN Global Pulse

Schuur, a joint fellow with JFI and United Nations Global Pulse, provides an overview of her research

How to frame guaranteed income policy: a review of literature

A preponderance of research and pilots have demonstrated the positive impacts of guaranteed income, but policy proposals require careful attention to framing to garner widespread political will for cash

Toolkit on guaranteed income in the U.S. for pilots, research

JFI released guaranteed income toolkit of collective best practices, pilot efforts & policy as cash initiatives continue to grow and policy proposals proliferate

Creating a cash button: new op ed in Insider from Stephen Nuñez and Rachel Black

“The government needs a better system so getting cash to people isn’t so painfully slow.”

Overview toolkit on guaranteed income in the U.S.

Best practices, resources, and existing models of planned and ongoing research in the U.S., from JFI experts

JFI student debt research featured in Higher Ed Not Debt campaign

In a week-long virtual action on the Hill for student loan forgiveness, Higher Ed Not Debt coalition members utilized JFI student debt maps and research in advocacy

JFI report shows dramatic increases in millennial student debt, interactive map of disparate impacts

New data shows fewer options, higher prices, and ballooning debt in higher education since 2009, with lowest-income communities of color hit hardest

Article: Embedded EthiCS: Integrating Ethics Across CS Education

The August 2019 cover story of the Communications of the ACM is co-authored by JFI fellows David Gray Grant and Lily Hu

A pre-analysis plan for Stockton

New details on Stockton, California’s guaranteed income demonstration

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