How to frame guaranteed income policy: a review of literature

A preponderance of research and pilots have demonstrated the positive impacts of guaranteed income, but policy proposals require careful attention to framing to garner widespread political will for cash

Toolkit on guaranteed income in the U.S. for pilots, research

JFI released guaranteed income toolkit of collective best practices, pilot efforts & policy as cash initiatives continue to grow and policy proposals proliferate

Creating a cash button: new op ed in Insider from Stephen Nuñez and Rachel Black

“The government needs a better system so getting cash to people isn’t so painfully slow.”

Overview toolkit on guaranteed income in the U.S.

Best practices, resources, and existing models of planned and ongoing research in the U.S., from JFI experts

JFI student debt research featured in Higher Ed Not Debt campaign

In a week-long virtual action on the Hill for student loan forgiveness, Higher Ed Not Debt coalition members utilized JFI student debt maps and research in advocacy

JFI report shows dramatic increases in millennial student debt, interactive map of disparate impacts

New data shows fewer options, higher prices, and ballooning debt in higher education since 2009, with lowest-income communities of color hit hardest

Article: Embedded EthiCS: Integrating Ethics Across CS Education

The August 2019 cover story of the Communications of the ACM is co-authored by JFI fellows David Gray Grant and Lily Hu

A pre-analysis plan for Stockton

New details on Stockton, California’s guaranteed income demonstration

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