Press Releases

From Idea to Reality: Getting to Guaranteed Income

Amid growing calls for a US guaranteed income, JFI releases a new series for lawmakers and advocates on how to build and implement such a program nationwide

Press Release: Announcing a Partnership between Robert Smith’s Student Freedom Initiative and the Jain Family Institute

JFI will offer design and analytics for Robert Smith’s major new nonprofit fund for historically Black colleges and universities

Press Release: City of Newark, JFI, and ESP release guaranteed income task force report

Pilot program to focus on residents facing housing insecurity.

Press Release: Inside Out, new report on renewable energy and the future of mining

JFI Lead Independent Researcher Francis Tseng provides a comprehensive survey of transitions to renewable energy infrastructure and the myriad harms of mining.

Press Release: Income Share Agreements - New Partnership

Outcome and JFI form an exclusive partnership to spearhead a new phase of growth for the income share agreement market and the students it serves.

Press Release: The macroeconomic effects of UBI in NYC, working paper

A new working paper of JFI-supported research simulates a city-level UBI policy implemented in NYC finds multiple, positive welfare impacts.

Press Release: Higher education concentration - new study and interactive map

A new interactive map shows U.S. higher education access, including enrollment, concentration, and schools by ZIP code, and indicates disparity in access by economic and geographic boundaries.

Press release: Announcing research on a new large-scale basic income policy in Maricá, Brazil

Research partnership between Maricá, the Jain Family Institute (JFI), the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), and the Euclides da Cunha Foundation (FEC) to study the effects of a citywide unconditional cash transfer policy in Maricá, Brazil

Newark announces task force to explore UBI

JFI and ESP will lead the task force

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