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Annual JFI student debt report released

The 2022 “Student Debt and Young America” annual report shows a continued debt crisis but promising trends during three years of repayment pause and policy change.

Launch of the Forum of Brazilian Sovereign Wealth Funds

The forum is a new association that invests in governance for a decarbonized future.

New Release: Political economy of guaranteed income

JFI experts on guaranteed income research and policy communications close out the ‘getting to guaranteed income’ white paper series, including with lessons from Saru Jayaraman of One Fair Wage

Press Release: The first technical seminar of the Forum of Brazilian Sovereign Wealth Funds

Researchers from the Jain Family Institute (JFI) and Brazil’s Federal Fluminense University (UFF) gathered with experts and government officials today for a sovereign wealth fund seminar in Niterói, Brazil

New Release: A Critical Review of Macroeconomic Models for Guaranteed Income & The Child Tax Credit

Part of JFI’s white paper series on guaranteed income, the new report examines economy-wide impacts of these income support policies

Announcing a new partnership with the municipal sovereign wealth fund of Niterói, Brazil

JFI partners with the Municipal Treasury of the city of Niterói and the Federal Fluminense University to offer tools and analysis in support of the city’s sovereign wealth fund, the Fundo de Equalização da Receita (Budget Stabilization Fund)

New Analysis: Poverty Impacts of the ARPA’s Child Tax Credit Limited Without More Robust Enrollment of Non-filers

The brief provides results of a range of scenarios for CTC take-up rates among eligible children, showing poverty reduction depends on enrollment of millions accessing other benefits

Student Debt and Young America: JFI’s annual report and new geographic comparison tool

The new report summarizes the state of student debt for 18 to 35 year olds; the accompanying comparison tool facilitates comparisons across regions

First book from the Phenomenal World: Market Economy, Market Society

A series of interviews and essays on the breakdown of social democracy across continental Europe in the 1980s and 1990s

Reweaving the Safety Net: The Best Fit for Guaranteed Income

Part of “From Idea to Reality,” JFI’s white paper series on building guaranteed income in the US, the new report examines the role that GI can play in the social safety net

JFI report by senior fellow Marshall Steinbaum examines the crisis of non-repayment of student debt

A new analysis in the Millennial Student Debt series finds that student debt loads are increasingly difficult for students to repay, despite income-driven repayment and other policies meant to ease the burden for students

JFI, Mayor Aja Brown, and Fund for Guaranteed Income announce largest city-based guaranteed income initiative

The Compton Pledge is a two-year guaranteed income initiative for approximately 800 low-income residents of Compton

Announcing the Outcomes Center in collaboration with the San Diego Workforce Partnership

The Outcomes Center contains tools and information for workforce income share agreements

JFI releases map of student debt disparities across congressional districts, states

Following last week’s release of student debt trends since 2009, JFI provides a comprehensive tool for congressional advocacy on the student debt crisis

From Idea to Reality: Getting to Guaranteed Income

Amid growing calls for a US guaranteed income, JFI releases a new series for lawmakers and advocates on how to build and implement such a program nationwide

Press Release: Announcing a Partnership between Robert Smith’s Student Freedom Initiative and the Jain Family Institute

JFI will offer design and analytics for Robert Smith’s major new nonprofit fund for historically Black colleges and universities

Press Release: City of Newark, JFI, and ESP release guaranteed income task force report

Pilot program to focus on residents facing housing insecurity.

Press Release: Inside Out, new report on renewable energy and the future of mining

JFI Lead Independent Researcher Francis Tseng provides a comprehensive survey of transitions to renewable energy infrastructure and the myriad harms of mining.

Press Release: Income Share Agreements - New Partnership

Outcome and JFI form an exclusive partnership to spearhead a new phase of growth for the income share agreement market and the students it serves.

Press Release: The macroeconomic effects of UBI in NYC, working paper

A new working paper of JFI-supported research simulates a city-level UBI policy implemented in NYC finds multiple, positive welfare impacts.

Press Release: Higher education concentration - new study and interactive map

A new interactive map shows U.S. higher education access, including enrollment, concentration, and schools by ZIP code, and indicates disparity in access by economic and geographic boundaries.

Press release: Announcing research on a new large-scale basic income policy in Maricá, Brazil

Research partnership between Maricá, the Jain Family Institute (JFI), the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), and the Euclides da Cunha Foundation (FEC) to study the effects of a citywide unconditional cash transfer policy in Maricá, Brazil

Newark announces task force to explore UBI

JFI and ESP will lead the task force

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