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Yahoo! Finance piece highlights JFI findings on rising student debt burdens

The article discussed Senators Warren and Schumer's resolution for up to $50,000 in federal debt forgiveness amid disproportionate levels of student debt for lowest-income communities and communities of color

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The Balance features JFI guaranteed income expertise

The personal finance site featured JFI's Halah Ahmad on rising interest in cash transfers since the onset of the pandemic


JFI report shows dramatic increases in millennial student debt, interactive map of disparate impacts

New data shows fewer options, higher prices, and ballooning debt in higher education since 2009, with lowest-income communities of color hit hardest


JFI's Steve Nuñez speaks alongside Mayors Michael Tubbs and Keisha Lance Bottoms

In a meeting of Atlanta's Old 4th Ward Task Force exploring a guaranteed income pilot, JFI Lead Researcher on Guaranteed Income Stephen Nuñez provided lessons from existing pilots and research


JFI offers expert perspective on AI and criminal justice for NJC

JFI Digital Ethics and Governance Fellow Lily Hu spoke on a National Judicial College panel discussing AI and criminal justice


JFI shares guaranteed income expertise for 2020 Korea Basic Income Fair

JFI Lead Researcher in Guaranteed Income Stephen Nuñez spoke virtually alongside Brazilian political leader Eduardo Suplicy at an international conference of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government in South Korea

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JFI's Stephen Nuñez speaks with Salon about guaranteed income

Salon's Matthew Rozsa spoke with JFI about models of basic and guaranteed income for the US


— Webinar

‘Legislating Relief’ - JFI hosts expert perspectives on urgent higher education bills

Key takeaways of our August 7th panel with policy and research experts in higher education, providing crucial perspectives for the ongoing debate around continued higher education relief bills


— Research Session

Thea Riofrancos

Speaking to her newly-published book, Resource Radicals: From Petro-Nationalism to Post-Extractivism in Ecuador, Riofrancos discussed the results of almost a decade of research in Ecuador


— Phenomenal World

Panel on Thursday, August 13: Geoeconomics and the Balance of Payments

A video recording from a panel initiated and moderated by Adam Tooze


JFI Capital Launches

How to support JFI's projects


— Phenomenal World

Zach Carter and Ian Kumekawa on Keynes

The Phenomenal World cohosts an event on Zach Carter’s new book, “The Price of Peace,” with the Ballot

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JFI speaks with Vox on new Mayors for Guaranteed Income Initiative

As multiple mayors across the US call for guaranteed income pilots, JFI continues to guide pilots in Newark and elsewhere to build on existing research

Blog Post

Herman Mark Schwartz writes on the dollar and empire for Phenomenal World

The economic historian writes on how the US dollar shapes both geopolitical power and wealth inequality nationwide.


— Research Session

Max Kasy

JFI's virtual research session with Max Kasy, Associate Professor at Oxford, discussing fairness in algorithmic decision-making.

Press Release

From Idea to Reality: Getting to Guaranteed Income

Amid growing calls for a US guaranteed income, JFI releases a new series for lawmakers and advocates on how to build and implement such a program nationwide


— Social Wealth Seminar

Announcing JFI's Social Wealth Seminar

The seminar is an ongoing virtual, semi-monthly forum exploring strategies to manage public assets and resources in service of a more just society.


Declining Access, Rising Cost: The Geography of Higher Education Post-2008

A new report on the Phenomenal World and interactive map displaying the price of college throughout the US

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Time Magazine covers Robert Smith's Student Freedom Initiative in partnership with JFI

The multi-billion dollar non-profit fund creates alternative financing options at HBCUs, with JFI partnering on program design, analytics, & research

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AméricaEconomía features JFI's basic income research in Brazil

Lead Researcher in Guaranteed Income, Stephen Nuñez, and Paul Katz, VP of Special Projects spoke about basic income in Maricá, and "solidarity economy" during COVID-19

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