Policy Brief

Analysis of Full Refundability of the Child Tax Credit Without Expansion

Recent reports indicate that the Build Back Better legislative package will allow the increased Child Tax Credit value to continue for one year, while making its full refundability provision permanent; JFI researchers simulate the effects on poverty, costs, and racial equity

Media Coverage

Social Wealth Fund work featured in Brazil's O Globo

Coverage of the partnership between JFI, UFF, CEDE, and the government of the city of Niterói

Press Release

New Release: A Critical Review of Macroeconomic Models for Guaranteed Income & The Child Tax Credit

Part of JFI’s white paper series on guaranteed income, the new report examines economy-wide impacts of these income support policies


JFI higher education research supplements grassroots "Debt-Free College" week of action

As part of the Higher Ed Not Debt campaign of Generation Progress, JFI joined other research and policy organizations to provide nonpartisan analysis of free community college proposals and student debt burdens

Media Coverage

JFI's Critical Review of Macroeconomic Models is covered in Insider

Alex Yablon: "Empirical research suggests government money doesn't discourage work"


— Research Session

Investments in Tuition-Free College: Where the US has been and where America's College Promise would take us

Join us for a Research Session with Peter Granville, Senior Policy Associate at The Century Foundation, drawing on his recent report: "Congress's Free Community College Plan Could Benefit 8 Million Students, With the Right Funding Formula."


In Politico: JFI Fellow Paul Williams, Cea Weaver on federal housing policy

The op-ed presents the case for reconciliation package funds to address a national housing crisis

Press Release

Announcing a new partnership with the municipal sovereign wealth fund of Niterói, Brazil

JFI partners with the Municipal Treasury of the city of Niterói and the Federal Fluminense University to offer tools and analysis in support of the city’s sovereign wealth fund, the Fundo de Equalização da Receita (Budget Stabilization Fund)

Policy Brief

Reducing Refundability of the Child Tax Credit: Assessing Poverty Impacts and Trade-offs

A microsimulation brief finding that proposals to limit the refundability of the Child Tax Credit would increase child poverty by 53 percent, along with other trade-offs

Press Release

New Analysis: Poverty Impacts of the ARPA’s Child Tax Credit Limited Without More Robust Enrollment of Non-filers

The brief provides results of a range of scenarios for CTC take-up rates among eligible children, showing poverty reduction depends on enrollment of millions accessing other benefits

Policy Brief

Assessing Non-filer Rates & Poverty Impacts for the American Rescue Plan Act’s Expanded CTC

A microsimulation of child poverty impacts and analysis of how to reach eligible non-filers for maximum poverty impacts

Media Coverage

Laura Beamer in Open Campus

Scott Smallwood: "We spend a lot of time talking about the cost of college. But what if the numbers we’re using aren’t even right?"


New Research in Millennial Student Debt: How Schools Lie

In "How Schools Lie: The Deceptive Financial Aid System at America's Colleges," JFI researchers explore how higher education institutions mislead students by understating true costs and overstating aid


JFI Position on Guaranteed Income

A new position paper by JFI's guaranteed income research team draws on years of policy research to define basic parameters for a guaranteed income. The paper covers the aspects that overwhelming evidence suggests may create a more robust safety net in the United States, in tandem with existing programs


— Phenomenal World

July 27, 10 am ET: Panel Discussion on the Future of Social Democracy

A discussion around our book, MARKET ECONOMY, MARKET SOCIETY, featuring Stephanie Mudge, Adam Przeworski, Wolfgang Streeck, and Waltraud Schelkle, co-hosted with London School of Economics Sociology


— Webinar

Cash Aid: Views from the Front Lines of the Pandemic

Hosted by JFI, the Urban Institute, and Aspen Institute Financial Security Program, this discussion highlights pain points and lessons from the past year's federal safety net measures


Opportunity in Crisis: New Polling on Public Opinion Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The first of three polling briefs, "Opportunity in Crisis" is part of JFI's Messaging Guaranteed Income project


New Research: Claudia Sahm assesses the effects of $1,400 stimulus checks

Sahm's new brief is "They Worked: The effects of $1,400 stimulus checks on families and the economy"

Media Coverage

JFI Research featured in a New York Times editorial by Rashida Tlaib and Eduardo Suplicy

The editorial, published June 30, is titled "Prioritizing People to Build Back the Economy"


— Webinar

Universal Basic Income Workshop: Experiments, Policies, and Strategies

A two-day, online series of events and presentations on international basic income

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