Policy Brief

Key Comparisons in Proposed Cash Transfer Legislation

Prepared by lead researchers in guaranteed income and cash transfer policy worldwide at the Jain Family Institute.

Media Coverage

Yahoo! Finance features JFI higher ed access research

Laura Beamer, Lead Researcher on Higher Ed Finance, speaks with Yahoo! Finance on the findings of our first report on higher ed access throughout the U.S.

Press Release

Press Release: Income Share Agreements - New Partnership

Outcome and JFI form an exclusive partnership to spearhead a new phase of growth for the income share agreement market and the students it serves.


Call for Abstracts: MIT x JFI workshop on algorithmic ethics

JFI and the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing are hosting a workshop this April on the ethics of algorithms.

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USA Today covers JFI "Geography of Higher Ed" research

JFI Project Lead on Higher Ed, Laura Beamer, comments on higher education desserts and our newest research findings in USA Today.

Blog Post

Blog: On "UBI & the City"

JFI's Guaranteed Income Project Lead, Stephen Nuñez, produced an illuminating blog on Phenomenal World, explaining the JFI-supported macroeconomic model of UBI in NYC.


Working Paper: "UBI & the City"

JFI-supported research by Jack Favilukis, Khalil Esmkhani, and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh is the first attempt to model UBI at a city-level, in New York City, and finds positive welfare impacts.

Press Release

Press Release: The macroeconomic effects of UBI in NYC, working paper

A new working paper of JFI-supported research simulates a city-level UBI policy implemented in NYC finds multiple, positive welfare impacts.

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BBC Brazil features JFI basic income research in Maricá

An in-depth look at the Maricá basic income policy & its early effects, implications.

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Business Insider features JFI research

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa's cash transfer experiment and the larger picture of UBI research from JFI CEO Michael Stynes

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Inside Higher Ed features JFI research on higher ed access

Higher Ed Finance Project Lead Laura Beamer and Senior Fellow Marshall Steinbaum speak with Inside Higher Ed on the implications of their recently-released map and write-up that tracks higher ed access throughout the US & its territories.

Media Coverage

Education Dive features JFI higher ed access research

More coverage of our recently-released research on "The Geography of Higher Ed" by Education Dive, with commentary on free-college proposals, the role of for-profits, and online options.


Blog: The Geography of Higher Education Access

Preliminary results from JFI's ongoing study of access to higher education in the US.

Press Release

Press Release: Higher education concentration - new study and interactive map

A new interactive map shows U.S. higher education access, including enrollment, concentration, and schools by ZIP code, and indicates disparity in access by economic and geographic boundaries.

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JFI Researchers Stephen Nuñez & Paul Katz give lessons from Maricá in Global Americans

Steve and Paul wrote for Global Americans with our partner Fábio Waltenberg of UFF, on lessons for UBI research from Maricá.

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Business Insider speaks with Michael Stynes on Finland basic income trials

Stynes describes how Finland's basic income trial was hamstrung from success.


— Research Session

Suresh Naidu

Columbia Economist Suresh Naidu presented upcoming research on labor market power at a JFI Research Session.

Media Coverage

JFI basic income research features in El País

Stephen Nuñez spoke to El Pais on our basic income research in Maricá, Brazil.


— Research Session

Doug Webber

Doug Webber, Associate Professor of Economics at Temple University, joined us for a JFI Research Session to share the results of his recent work.

Media Coverage

The Basic Income Podcast hosts Michael Stynes & Stephen Nuñez

JFI CEO Michael Stynes and Guaranteed Income Project Lead Stephen Nuñez discussed our research in Maricá on unconditional cash transfers for over 50,000 people.

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