Media Coverage

JFI's guaranteed income work in USA Today

"Is Universal Income Closer to Reality?"


Overview toolkit on guaranteed income in the U.S.

Best practices, resources, and existing models of planned and ongoing research in the U.S., from JFI experts

Media Coverage

Millennial Student Debt in Newsweek and NPR

Laura Beamer, Lead Researcher on Higher Education Finance, speaks about the student debt crisis

Press Release

Student Debt and Young America: JFI’s annual report and new geographic comparison tool

The new report summarizes the state of student debt for 18 to 35 year olds; the accompanying comparison tool facilitates comparisons across regions

Policy Brief

Robust evidence for $1400 relief and recovery checks

Drawing on over a decade of rigorous research, JFI Senior Fellow Claudia Sahm presents evidence in favor of additional $1400 checks for all those that received $600 earlier this year

Policy Brief

Comparing bipartisan proposals for a federal child allowance expansion

JFI researchers compare child allowance proposals from the perspective of extensive cash-transfer expertise

Press Release

First book from the Phenomenal World: Market Economy, Market Society

A series of interviews and essays on the breakdown of social democracy across continental Europe in the 1980s and 1990s


"Combating Inequality": JFI Executive Director Michael Stynes publishes paper with Larry Katz and Jesse Rothstein

The paper is a chapter in the new MIT Press book edited by Olivier Blanchard and Dani Rodrik


Now Hiring: Operations Associate

JFI is seeking an Operations Associate to join our operations team in supporting our diverse projects and general nonprofit administration


Announcing the Collective Action in Tech Fellowship

The fellowship will highlight collective action among tech workers in the Global South


— Phenomenal World

Panel: Party Politics and the Financialization of Social Policy in Brazil

The panel took place on Zoom on Monday, January 25, 2-4pm ET

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Compton, California and Maricá, Brazil guaranteed income in Bloomberg

A new article in Bloomberg Citylab: "2021 will be the year of guaranteed income experiments"

Media Coverage

Laura Beamer speaks to the Texas Standard about the student debt crisis

The conversation draws on JFI's Millennial Student Debt project


— Social Wealth Seminar

View all of 2020’s Social Wealth Seminar sessions

An archive of 2020’s eleven sessions in JFI’s ongoing virtual forum exploring strategies to manage public assets and resources in service of society, in the United States and across the world


— Research Session

Event on Reweaving the Safety Net: The Best Fit for Guaranteed Income

Sidhya Balakrishnan, Michael Lewis, and Stephen Nunez presented on guaranteed income implementation on Thursday, December 17

Press Release

Reweaving the Safety Net: The Best Fit for Guaranteed Income

Part of “From Idea to Reality,” JFI’s white paper series on building guaranteed income in the US, the new report examines the role that GI can play in the social safety net

Media Coverage

Millennial Student Debt maps win Dignity+Debt data visualization contest

Francis Tseng's maps show the geography of student debt across the United States

Media Coverage

Business Insider, The American Prospect, Open Campus, Courier cover JFI's Millennial Student Debt project

JFI's ongoing series on the higher education landscape provides evidence for the benefits of student debt cancellation

Policy Brief

JFI Fellow Mike Pizzi writes on artifical intelligence governance at the United Nations

Co-authored with Mila Romanoff, the piece provides an overview of AI governance at UN Global Pulse

Media Coverage

Yahoo! Finance features latest Millennial Student Debt report

Senior fellow Marshall Steinbaum's report on the growing burden of student debt forms part of the national conversation on debt cancellation

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