Media Coverage

Press coverage on JFI's Higher Education Finance research

A roundup of recent coverage.

JFI's guaranteed income analysis in the New York Times

The article, “Guaranteed Income Programs Spread, City by City,” features JFI’s political economy research

Research by Laura Beamer and Eduard Nilaj in the New York Times

JFI’s higher ed research cited by David Brooks

Lead Researcher Laura Beamer on the Brian Lehrer Show

Beamer spoke about student debt cancellation

HudsonUP pilot features in The Economist

The HudsonUP Basic Income Pilot has completed one year of payments to its initial 25-person cohort; one recipient shares his story with The Economist

Stephen Nuñez speaks to The Hill about the Child Tax Credit

Nuñez’s comments are informed by microsimulation work with Jack Landry on the impacts of the expanded Child Tax Credit

Coverage of "Homeownership and Student Debt" in Bloomberg, Politico

“Homeownership and Student Debt” is the eighth post in JFI’s Millennial Student Debt project

Bloomberg: "The Year Basic Income Programs Went Mainstream"

Stephen Nuñez speaks on what we know, and what we don’t, from guaranteed income pilots

JFI microsimulations in Congressional testimony, Congressional Research Service FAQ

“Assessing Non-Filer Rates,” JFI’s first microsimulation brief, in testimony to Select Subcommittee Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis

Jordan Weissmann, Matt Yglesias cover JFI's microsimulation briefs

JFI’s microsimulations provide rapid analysis in response to federal policy debates about the Child Tax Credit

JFI's Claudia Sahm provides insights on macroeconomic and Fed trends

Featured in the Washington Post, Vox, Bloomberg and elsewhere, Sahm discusses short-run inflation, changing Fed policy, and monetary policy trends

"Analysis of Full Refundability of the Child Tax Credit Without Expansion" covered in Huffpost, CNBC

Microsimulation work from Jack Landry and Stephen Nuñez shows significant child poverty reductions

Social Wealth Fund work featured in Brazil's O Globo

Coverage of the partnership between JFI, UFF, CEDE, and the government of the city of Niterói

JFI's Critical Review of Macroeconomic Models is covered in Insider

Alex Yablon: “Empirical research suggests government money doesn’t discourage work”

Laura Beamer in Open Campus

Scott Smallwood: “We spend a lot of time talking about the cost of college. But what if the numbers we’re using aren’t even right?”

JFI Research featured in a New York Times editorial by Rashida Tlaib and Eduardo Suplicy

The editorial, published June 30, is titled “Prioritizing People to Build Back the Economy”

Laura Beamer speaks to Vox about student debt

“There are no easy answers on canceling student debt,” writes Vox’s Emily Stewart

Steve Nuñez speaks about the expanded child tax credit on CBS

Article and video feature Nuñez’s analysis of the impactful expansion in the American Rescue Plan

JFI's guaranteed income work in USA Today

“Is Universal Income Closer to Reality?”

Millennial Student Debt in Newsweek and NPR

Laura Beamer, Lead Researcher on Higher Education Finance, speaks about the student debt crisis

Compton, California and Maricá, Brazil guaranteed income in Bloomberg

A new article in Bloomberg Citylab: “2021 will be the year of guaranteed income experiments”

Laura Beamer speaks to the Texas Standard about the student debt crisis

The conversation draws on JFI’s Millennial Student Debt project

Millennial Student Debt maps win Dignity+Debt data visualization contest

Francis Tseng’s maps show the geography of student debt across the United States

Business Insider, The American Prospect, Open Campus, Courier cover JFI's Millennial Student Debt project

JFI’s ongoing series on the higher education landscape provides evidence for the benefits of student debt cancellation

Yahoo! Finance features latest Millennial Student Debt report

Senior fellow Marshall Steinbaum’s report on the growing burden of student debt forms part of the national conversation on debt cancellation

The Compton Pledge features in multiple nationwide media outlets

JFI’s partnership guaranteed income initiative with Mayor Aja Brown and Fund for Guaranteed Income has captured attention for its scale and design

L.A. Times breaks news on ‘The Compton Pledge,’ new guaranteed income initiative of JFI & partners

The largest city-based guaranteed income initiative in the United States, launching this year

Op-ed in The Hill from JFI experts on 'the shape of guaranteed income'

NYU Professor Jonathan Morduch and JFI Director of Research Sidhya Balakrishnan co-authored a piece on the potential for guaranteed income to address poverty and inequality, emphasizing “the details matter”

Urban policy magazine discusses JFI's guaranteed income pilots

City Monitor, a new magazine of urban policy experts and journalists, spoke with JFI’s Stephen Nuñez about the evidence for guaranteed income policies in cities

Yahoo! Finance piece highlights JFI findings on rising student debt burdens

The article discussed Senators Warren and Schumer’s resolution for up to $50,000 in federal debt forgiveness amid disproportionate levels of student debt for lowest-income communities and communities of color

The Balance features JFI guaranteed income expertise

The personal finance site featured JFI’s Halah Ahmad on rising interest in cash transfers since the onset of the pandemic

JFI's Stephen Nuñez speaks with Salon about guaranteed income

Salon’s Matthew Rozsa spoke with JFI about models of basic and guaranteed income for the US

JFI speaks with Vox on new Mayors for Guaranteed Income Initiative

As multiple mayors across the US call for guaranteed income pilots, JFI continues to guide pilots in Newark and elsewhere to build on existing research

Time Magazine covers Robert Smith's Student Freedom Initiative in partnership with JFI

The multi-billion dollar non-profit fund creates alternative financing options at HBCUs, with JFI partnering on program design, analytics, & research

AméricaEconomía features JFI's basic income research in Brazil

Lead Researcher in Guaranteed Income, Stephen Nuñez, and Paul Katz, VP of Special Projects spoke about basic income in Maricá, and “solidarity economy” during COVID-19

JFI's Paul Katz provides expertise on UBI for Latin America Advisor

JFI VP for Special Projects Paul Katz, who leads the qualitative study of our work on Maricá, Brazil’s basic income policy, spoke with Anastasia Chacon at Latin America Advisor for a feature on UBI policies.

Phenomenal World analysis of class politics in dollar hegemony features in Bloomberg Markets Odd Lots podcast

Yakov Feygin and Dominik Leusder’s widely-read Phenomenal World analysis of “The Class Politics of the Dollar System” was featured for an in-depth interview with podcast hosts Joe Weisenthal & Tracy Alloway.

JFI researchers publish CARES Act op-ed in The Hill

JFI Lead Researcher on Guaranteed Income, Stephen Nuñez, and Halah Ahmad, PR and Policy Communications Lead, wrote about key gaps in the CARES Act cash transfer legislation.

Stanford Basic Income Lab interviews JFI's Stephen Nuñez

Sarah Berger Gonzalez of Stanford BIL interviewed Steve Nuñez alongside Madeline Neighly and Sarah Stripp

Boston Review op-ed: JFI researchers on "What a Solidarity Economy Looks Like"

Paul Katz, JFI Fellow in Guaranteed Income, and our partner Leandro Ferreira wrote about the rapid and substantial COVID-19 response of the government in Maricá, Brazil, where we are researching a major basic income policy.

Yahoo! Finance features JFI higher ed access research

Laura Beamer, Lead Researcher on Higher Ed Finance, speaks with Yahoo! Finance on the findings of our first report on higher ed access throughout the U.S.

USA Today covers JFI "Geography of Higher Ed" research

JFI Project Lead on Higher Ed, Laura Beamer, comments on higher education desserts and our newest research findings in USA Today.

BBC Brazil features JFI basic income research in Maricá

An in-depth look at the Maricá basic income policy & its early effects, implications.

Business Insider features JFI research

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa’s cash transfer experiment and the larger picture of UBI research from JFI CEO Michael Stynes

Inside Higher Ed features JFI research on higher ed access

Higher Ed Finance Project Lead Laura Beamer and Senior Fellow Marshall Steinbaum speak with Inside Higher Ed on the implications of their recently-released map and write-up that tracks higher ed access throughout the US & its territories.

Education Dive features JFI higher ed access research

More coverage of our recently-released research on “The Geography of Higher Ed” by Education Dive, with commentary on free-college proposals, the role of for-profits, and online options.

JFI Researchers Stephen Nuñez & Paul Katz give lessons from Maricá in Global Americans

Steve and Paul wrote for Global Americans with our partner Fábio Waltenberg of UFF, on lessons for UBI research from Maricá.

Business Insider speaks with Michael Stynes on Finland basic income trials

Stynes describes how Finland’s basic income trial was hamstrung from success.

JFI basic income research features in El País

Stephen Nuñez spoke to El Pais on our basic income research in Maricá, Brazil.

The Basic Income Podcast hosts Michael Stynes & Stephen Nuñez

JFI CEO Michael Stynes and Guaranteed Income Project Lead Stephen Nuñez discussed our research in Maricá on unconditional cash transfers for over 50,000 people.

Business Insider covers JFI's research on one of the largest basic income policies in the world

Aria Bendix from Business Insider speaks with JFI researchers about our research on the Maricá basic income policy.

JFI's work in Maricá in Vox

Dylan Matthews contextualizes Maricá’s new basic income policy

Income Share Agreements at Purdue

A video from PBS Newshour explains how ISAs work.

ISAs in ImpactAlpha

An article on JFI’s partners, Better Future Forward

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