JFI basic income research features in El País

As basic income policies and pilots expand around the world, JFI’s research in Maricá has gained particular attention, as one of the largest basic income policies in the world, and the largest in Latin American countries. JFI Guaranteed Income Project Lead Stephen Nuñez spoke with El País journalist Luis Doncel about our research in Brazil, as well as the broader context of basic income testing globally. The article provides a history of basic income proposals and evidence of its effects, documenting current implementations in Stockton, Brazil, Kenya, and elsewhere.

Regarding the significance of the 52,000-recipient policy in Maricá, Steve said:

“Many observers rightly criticize that the pilot projects done so far did not offer conclusive results because they affected a minimum part of the population during a specific period of time. This made it impossible to study the impact of basic income on prices or wages. But in Maricá one of every three inhabitants will receive the money, and for an unlimited period. So here we can study its effects in a much more complete way”

The article also provides a helpful map of some key basic income pilots and policies (translation by Google):

El Pais Map of Basic Income Trials - JFI Feature

We thank El País and Luis Doncel for speaking with us and documenting this important work.