JFI Webinars bring outside scholars, policymakers, advocates, or JFI researchers together to discuss topics in higher education finance, guaranteed income, digital ethics, or other areas in the social sciences. Taking the form of a panel discussion or lecture, our webinars have wider audiences than our research sessions, and are geared towards general audiences. We also include here our Twitter Chats, panels of experts hosted in all-text form on Twitter.

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Understanding What’s Next in Cash Assistance: State-Level Expansions Through the Tax System

The “Cash Consortium” and the Urban Institute’s State and Local Finance Initiative invite you to join a virtual discussion on recent changes in state cash assistance to families.

Economic War and the Commodity Shock

Javier Blas, Nicholas Mulder, and Alex Yablon in conversation on April 8, 2022 at 11am Eastern Time

Presentation on A New Public Housing Model -- Addis Ababa’s Urban Transformation

Join us on Friday, March 25 at 10am ET

What’s Next for Cash-Based Social Policies? Lessons from the Expanded Child Tax Credit

Join the Urban Institute and the Jain Family Institute for an event exploring key insights on the American Rescue Plan Act’s expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC). The event will begin with the perspectives of CTC beneficiaries reached through enrollment campaigns in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sidhya Balakrishnan speaking at "Keeping it Real OC: Building Financial Strength for Vulnerable Families"

Orange County United Way hosts a “Keeping it Real OC” dialogue with a panel of experts, including JFI’s Director of Research Sidhya Balakrishnan, to learn about the opportunities available for vulnerable families to build financial strength.

Research Briefing: Macroeconomic Effects of the Child Tax Credit

A brief overview of a JFI report that explores the macroeconomic effects of regular cash transfers, such as the new Child Tax Credit (CTC)

Cash Aid: Views from the Front Lines of the Pandemic

Hosted by JFI, the Urban Institute, and Aspen Institute Financial Security Program, this discussion highlights pain points and lessons from the past year’s federal safety net measures

Universal Basic Income Workshop: Experiments, Policies, and Strategies

A two-day, online series of events and presentations on international basic income

International Perspectives in Basic Income Messaging - BIRAL Seminar

JFI is hosting the second Basic Income Research and Action Lab (BIRAL) seminar: “International Perspectives in Basic Income Messaging,” an international collaboration of JFI, FRIBIS, BIEN, and GRI Basic Income Research Group

‘Legislating Relief’ - JFI hosts expert perspectives on urgent higher education bills

Key takeaways of our August 7th panel with policy and research experts in higher education, providing crucial perspectives for the ongoing debate around continued higher education relief bills

Experts & advocates on renewable energy, mining, land rights discuss JFI’s report on mining

Our Live #JFIMiningChat on Twitter shed new light on Green New Deal legislation and the practical and ethical questions related to a transition away from fossil fuels

Live Twitter chat - free higher ed, austerity, & other histories from Kim Phillips-Fein

JFI hosted five historians and economists for a live Twitter chat about free higher ed, austerity, the New Deal, and modern implications, drawing from an interview with historian Kim Phillips-Fein. Read the conversation archive here.

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