JFI hosts weekly sessions on our staff and fellows’ research, as well as lectures and seminars from outside speakers on all of our topics of interest.

In July 2020, we launched a Social Wealth Seminar series, a diverse, interdisciplinary space to foster collaboration at the point where public finance meets more just social policy. More information here.

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Upcoming Sessions

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Research sessions

Thea Riofrancos

Speaking to her newly-published book, Resource Radicals: From Petro-Nationalism to Post-Extractivism in Ecuador, Riofrancos discussed the results of almost a decade of research in Ecuador

Max Kasy

JFI’s virtual research session with Max Kasy, Associate Professor at Oxford, discussing fairness in algorithmic decision-making.

Andre Luduvice

We were joined by Andre Luduvice of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and doctoral candidate in economics at UPenn, for a preliminary discussion on the macroeconomic effects of UBI.

Alex Hertel-Fernandez

Columbia SIPA Assistant Professor Alex Hertel-Fernandez joined JFI for a virtual Research Session and fascinating discussion on “Collective Action in Private Governments: Lessons for Building Labor Power in the Pandemic.”

Gernot Wagner

Author of “Climate Shock” and NYU associate professor of environmental studies and public service, Gernot Wagner joined JFI for a virtual research session on carbon pricing and COVID-19.

Suresh Naidu

Columbia Economist Suresh Naidu presented upcoming research on labor market power at a JFI Research Session.

Doug Webber

Doug Webber, Associate Professor of Economics at Temple University, joined us for a JFI Research Session to share the results of his recent work.

Dubravka Ritter

Dubravka Ritter of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia presented two papers at a JFI Research Session this November.

Alyssa Battistoni

Harvard Environmental Fellow and political theorist Alyssa Battistoni presented on her new book, “A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal.”

Johannes Haushofer

Johannes Haushofer presented at a JFI Research Session on Friday, Nov. 8th, about new cash transfer research

Zach Parolin

A presentation on organized labor and automation

Robert Hartley

Hartley presented on models for financing for guaranteed income

Rodrigo Ochigame

Ochigame discussed his interdisciplinary research on models of logic

Beth Popp Berman

Berman presented her forthcoming book, “Thinking Like an Economist”

Kathryn Holston

Holston presented on the current state of macroeconomic modeling

Marshall Steinbaum

Steinbaum presented a paper on student debt

Aisha Nyandoro and Rachel Black

Nyandoro and Black discussed the Magnolia Mother’s Trust

J.W. Mason

Mason presented on macroeconomics after the recession

Jack Marley-Payne

Marley-Payne led us through a new workshop on p-values

Dylan Matthews

Matthews spoke on the state of data journalism

Arden Ali

Ali presented on ethical considerations for artificial intelligence

Hana Beach

Beach provided an overview of feminist thought on basic income

Maximilian Kasy

Kasy presented on basic income experimental design

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