Doug Webber

Doug Webber presenting for JFI Research Session on higher ed accountability

Doug Webber, a professor of economics at Temple University and Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), presented his newest paper on when students and taxpayers can expect to see returns on education and accountability thresholds for higher education institutions.

In the paper, Doug conducts policy simulations to determine the optimal threshold for a college’s eligibility to participate in the federal student loan program. He proposes particular repayment rates that should be set to both safeguard taxpayer dollars and maximize student outcomes.

As the issue of accountability measures for institutions of higher education gains national attention with the College Affordability Act, this research provides an interesting perspective relevant to policymakers and researchers alike.

We were so excited to host Doug and to dig into the research, especially as it relates to our own work in higher education. Thank you to Doug for joining us for a JFI Research Session, and for your input on our work.

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