Boston Review op-ed: JFI researchers on "What a Solidarity Economy Looks Like"

Amidst multiple emerging basic income or cash transfer responses to the coronavirus pandemic, the government of Maricá, Brazil has implemented an additional cash transfer to all recipients of their ongoing basic income policy, amounting to a monthly transfer 69% above the Brazilian poverty line. JFI Guaranteed Income Fellow Paul Katz and our partner at the Federal Fluminense University, Leandro Ferreira, published an op-ed with the Boston Review underscoring the scope and importance of that policy expansion.

The policy response in Brazil is notable because it provides substantial financial assistance in a rapid disbursement. As the op-ed states, “This set of initiatives represents the most ambitious city-level response to COVID-19 in Brazil, and one of the most notable in the world.”

Read the full op-ed here.

We continue to work directly with the city of Maricá, Brazil on a study of their basic income policy, which reaches a third of their residents. For more information about the study, see our feature in Vox here.