JFI launches new macroeconomic research initiative, led by Claudia Sahm

Sahm’s new research area contributes to the current sea change in macroeconomic policy, providing tools and frameworks on employment and inflation

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Stephen Nuñez speaks to The Hill about the Child Tax Credit

Nuñez's comments are informed by microsimulation work with Jack Landry on the impacts of the expanded Child Tax Credit


Claudia Sahm speaks at NY Fed Symposium "Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics: Implications for Policy"

An event from the Applied Macroeconomics and Econometrics Center (AMEC) of the New York Fed

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Coverage of "Homeownership and Student Debt" in Bloomberg, Politico

"Homeownership and Student Debt" is the eighth post in JFI's Millennial Student Debt project

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Bloomberg: "The Year Basic Income Programs Went Mainstream"

Stephen Nuñez speaks on what we know, and what we don't, from guaranteed income pilots

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JFI microsimulations in Congressional testimony, Congressional Research Service FAQ

"Assessing Non-Filer Rates," JFI's first microsimulation brief, in testimony to Select Subcommittee Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis

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Jordan Weissmann, Matt Yglesias cover JFI's microsimulation briefs

JFI's microsimulations provide rapid analysis in response to federal policy debates about the Child Tax Credit

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JFI's Claudia Sahm provides insights on macroeconomic and Fed trends

Featured in the Washington Post, Vox, Bloomberg and elsewhere, Sahm discusses short-run inflation, changing Fed policy, and monetary policy trends



Homeownership and the Student Debt Crisis: Latest research from the Millennial Student Debt project

The eighth report in JFI’s student debt project, the research explores links between rising student debt and declining homeownership over the past decade


Memo: Cost Simulations of a Fully-Refundable Child Tax Credit (CTC) 2022-2031

Jack Landry and Stephen Nuñez publish ten-year CTC full refundability estimates, illustrating compromise proposals that retain CTC poverty impacts with space for other social programs


HudsonUP Basic Income Pilot releases year one report

JFI Senior Fellow Leah Hamilton presents early results of the five-year basic income pilot in Hudson, NY with effects on wellbeing, relationships, employment


— Research Session

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"Analysis of Full Refundability of the Child Tax Credit Without Expansion" covered in Huffpost, CNBC

Microsimulation work from Jack Landry and Stephen Nuñez shows significant child poverty reductions


— Webinar

Research Briefing: Macroeconomic Effects of the Child Tax Credit

A brief overview of a JFI report that explores the macroeconomic effects of regular cash transfers, such as the new Child Tax Credit (CTC)

Policy Brief

Analysis of Full Refundability of the Child Tax Credit Without Expansion

Recent reports indicate that the Build Back Better legislative package will allow the increased Child Tax Credit value to continue for one year, while making its full refundability provision permanent; JFI researchers simulate the effects on poverty, costs, and racial equity

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Social Wealth Fund work featured in Brazil's O Globo

Coverage of the partnership between JFI, UFF, CEDE, and the government of the city of Niterói

Press Release

New Release: A Critical Review of Macroeconomic Models for Guaranteed Income & The Child Tax Credit

Part of JFI’s white paper series on guaranteed income, the new report examines economy-wide impacts of these income support policies


JFI higher education research supplements grassroots "Debt-Free College" week of action

As part of the Higher Ed Not Debt campaign of Generation Progress, JFI joined other research and policy organizations to provide nonpartisan analysis of free community college proposals and student debt burdens

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JFI's Critical Review of Macroeconomic Models is covered in Insider

Alex Yablon: "Empirical research suggests government money doesn't discourage work"


— Research Session

Investments in Tuition-Free College: Where the US has been and where America's College Promise would take us

Join us for a Research Session with Peter Granville, Senior Policy Associate at The Century Foundation, drawing on his recent report: "Congress's Free Community College Plan Could Benefit 8 Million Students, With the Right Funding Formula."


In Politico: JFI Fellow Paul Williams, Cea Weaver on federal housing policy

The op-ed presents the case for reconciliation package funds to address a national housing crisis

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