Stephen Nuñez
Lead Researcher on Guaranteed Income

As the Lead Researcher on Guaranteed Income (GI), Dr. Stephen Nuñez leads JFI’s research into guaranteed income policy, testing its practical application and design by taking on empirical work that offers unique opportunities to understand how GI programs affect individuals and communities. He has also supported modeling work to understand economy-wide effects of GI policy, and the implications for different approaches to financing. As JFI grows its research into the large-scale basic income policy in Maricá, Steve will cover the study of inflation-related impacts.

Before coming to JFI, Steve was Research Manager at ImpactMatters and a Research Associate in MDRC’s Low-Wage Workers and Communities policy area. He brings over a decade of experience in research and program evaluation, with special expertise in housing, workforce, and community development. Steve holds a PhD in sociology, studying social network analysis with sociologist Mark Granovetter. He also completed a masters in economics at Stanford University, and a bachelors degree in politics from Princeton University.

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Relevant work: