About Us

JFI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit applied research organization founded in 2014 by Bob Jain. Our mission is to address pressing social problems by identifying and implementing high-impact interventions that will translate to real world progress. At the intersection of economics, politics, information technology, finance, and culture, JFI brings promising ideas from theory to practice. A nonpartisan organization, JFI is focused on building proofs of concept, pilots, and actionable knowledge.


Bob Jain
Founder, Chairman

Carola Jain

Michael Stynes
Trustee and Chief Executive Officer

Strategy and Operations

Alexander Jacobs
Chief Operating Officer

Klea Kalia
Operations Associate

Bakari Sibert
Associate, Strategy and Operations

Editorial and Communications

Maya Adereth
Editorial Fellow

Halah Ahmad
VP, PR & Policy Communications

Sanoja Bhaumik
Editorial Associate

Molly Dektar
Director of Editorial and Communications

Jack Gross
Research Writer and Editor


Arden Ali
Lead Researcher on Digital Ethics and Governance

Sidhya Balakrishnan
Director of Research

Laura Beamer
Lead Researcher, Higher Education Finance

Marcella Cartledge
Research Associate

Jerome Hodges
Chief Research Officer

Paul Katz
VP of Special Projects

Jack Landry
Research Associate, Guaranteed Income

Eduard (Eddie) Nilaj
Data Science Research Associate

Stephen Nuñez
Lead Researcher on Guaranteed Income

Francis Tseng
Lead Independent Researcher

Research Fellows

Jonathan Calenzani
Fellow, Social Wealth Portfolio

Thaís Donega
Fellow, Social Wealth Portfolio

David Gray Grant
Senior Fellow, Digital Ethics & Governance

Leah Hamilton
Senior Fellow, Guaranteed Income

Johannes Haushofer
Senior Fellow, Guaranteed Income

Lily Hu
Fellow, Digital Ethics & Governance

Maximilian Kasy
Senior Fellow, Guaranteed Income

Greg Keenan
Fellow, Digital Ethics & Governance

Paulo Mann
Fellow, Social Wealth Portfolio

Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya
External Fellow, Collective Action

Liza Paudel
Fellow, Digital Ethics & Governance

Milo Phillips-Brown
Senior Fellow, Digital Ethics & Governance

Sérgio Pinto
Fellow, Higher Education Finance

Sara Restrepo Tamayo
Quantitative Social Science Research Fellow

Patrick Robbins
Fellow, Special Projects

Melody Rowell
External Fellow, Strict Scrutiny podcast

Claudia Sahm
Senior Fellow, Macroeconomic Research

Friederike Schuur
Fellow, AI Ethics and Digital Governance

Marshall Steinbaum
Senior Fellow, Higher Education Finance

Paul Williams
Fellow, Guaranteed Income

Jason Windawi
Fellow, Social Wealth Portfolio

Affiliate Researchers

Raphael E. Cuomo, PhD
Affiliate Researcher

Daniel Enemark, PhD
Affiliate Researcher

Brendan Florez
Affiliate Researcher

Georgia Kovacs, PhD
Affiliate Researcher

Josh Shapiro, PhD
Affiliate Researcher

Brooke Valle
Affiliate Researcher

Douglas A. Webber, PhD
Affiliate Researcher

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